Manage all your expenses with greater efficiency

Customize the platform to your specific business needs and simplify your approval, reimbursement, and reconciliation processes.

Have greater control over your expenses

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Personalize the platform to your needs

Register your company and create your wallet. Define the list of employees covered and the reimbursement conditions.

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Easily onboard any employee

Paynest makes it easy to give access to your employees so that they can start submitting expenses immediately.

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Save time and money

Pay only for those who have access to the functionality. Instantly transfer reimbursements and enjoy simple monthly reconciliations.

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More informed decisions with greater efficiency

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Increase efficiency

Save time managing your employees' expenses, obtain accurate reports and avoid delays in reimbursement.

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Optimize your team's spending

Get full visibility of expenses in real time and use the information provided by the platform to decide where to save.

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Increase team engagement

The instant reimbursements help generate trust and increase the commitment and involvement of workers with the company.

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Expense Manager

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How does the expense reimbursement process work?
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We want to make the expense reimbursement process more efficient for your HR team and faster for your workers, so we've simplified it. The worker submits the expense through the Paynest application, those responsible for authorizing the expenses, identified in advance by the organization, receive the invoices and information on the employer's platform and make their decision on each expense. If the expense is approved, the employee instantly receives the amount in their bank account, and the employer has all the information added to the platform, ready to be exported at the end of each month. If the expense is rejected, the employee will receive a notification in the application explaining the reason for the rejection, and may re-submit the expense, if applicable.

Will workers still have to fill out expense reports and submit physical receipts?
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When you submit the expenses to the application, they are available in digital format on the employer's platform, associated with the respective employee and the criteria defined by your team. This way, it will not be necessary for the employee or their HR team to fill out reports, submit invoices, or keep te physical receipts.

I don't want all of my employees to have access to this product
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Employee's access to Expense Management is defined by you and can be adjusted at any time. The company pays only for the number of employees who have access to this product.

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