Offer your employees financial flexibility.

Offer earned wage and bonus access with just one click.

No hidden costs or fees.

A simple integration. Without disruptions.

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Easily integrate with your existing tools

Sign up for Paynest and experience seamless onboarding and integrations with our user-friendly platform.

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Set your own rules

Decide the portion of your monthly wage you want to allocate and easily integrate Paynest with your existing payroll solutions.

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Save you HR teams time and money

Simplify individual employee configurations and minimize time spent on end-of-month salary reconciliations.

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Seamlessly give access to earned salaries and bonuses

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Retain your best talent

Establish longer-lasting relationships with your employees and simplify HR's work.

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Adapt to your own context

Determine which employees have access to each feature with the click of a button.

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Leave the reconcilations to us

Integrate effortlessly with your existig payroll solution and leave the monthly reconciliations to us.

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Salary On-Demand

148 employees active
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On-Demand Bonus

30 employees active
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Take care of your team so they can take care of business


of employees feel less financially stressed, which has a direct impact on their productivity.


reduction in employee turnover, which represents real savings equivalent to 5-8% of yearly salary costs.

Integrate financial literacy in your Employee Assistance Program.

Offer a stronger 
benefits program with financial literacy tools

Financial Empowerment

Enhance your employees' financial literacy with expertly crafted personal finance content and quizzes.

Mastering Money

Individual, confidential chat with a certified financial coach to guide them through savings strategies and wealth building strategies.

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Financial Literacy

Save money with 
employee retention strategies

Expected annual savings
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The Salary On-Demand benefit seeks to position your company as an ally of your employees at a time of greater financial anxiety, generating greater well-being and their involvement with your company. By offering this flexibility, you are preventing your employees from exposing themselves to predatory and harmful alternatives, which often worsen their situation.
This benefit has a positive impact on workers, reducing their financial stress and increasing their satisfaction at work.

How does Paynest integrate with my existing payroll software?
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Paynest allows easy reconciliation with all payroll software profiders. The moment your team starts processing salaries, access to the tool is interrupted, and we ensure you have all necessary information to adjust monthly payroll payments accordingly.

I don't want to offer the Bonus-On-Demand benefit to all my employees
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The Bonus-On-Demand product is available to any group of employee, customized to your needs.

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